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Ruling Queen of Kush
Shanakdakheto (Cairo Museum)
Reign(ca. 177 BCE-155 BCE)
Full nameShanakdakheto
DiedFirst century BCE
BuriedPyramid at Meroë (Beg. N11), ca. 155 BCE
PredecessorUnknown Qore
The pyramid of Shanakdakheto at Meroe (N11)
Shanakdakheto or Shanakdakhete was a Black African ruling queen of Kush, when the Kingdom was centered at Meroë. She is the earliest known ruling queen of Nubia, and reigned from about 177 to 155 BC (these dates are very uncertain and disputed [1]). She styled herself as Son of Re, Lord of the Two Lands, Shanakdakheto (Sa Re nebtawy, Shanakdakheto).[2]
The only inscription mentioning her comes from Temple F in Naga where her name appears "in Meroitic hieroglyphics in the middle of an Egyptian text."[3] The name appears in Meroitic script, the earliest known example of Meroitic writing. Her pyramid was identified at Meroë, but does not preserve her name.
Part of decoration of the wall in a pyramid chapel of Meroe, now in the British Museum, perhaps belonging to Queen Shanakdakheto


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